Listen, Pluck That Lute!
Secular Music in Hungary from the 16–17th century

Guests, Goliards and Watchers
Western and oriental influences of the music in Medieval Hungary (11–15th c.)

Amor ey
Selections of secular music from the Middle Ages (12–15th century)



Songs of Bálint Balassi (1554–1594)
The most beautiful works of the poet Balassi with contemporary melodies

Carmina Burana * with Tamás Kobzos Kiss
Medieval Latin and German students' songs about heavenly and earthly powers (13th century)

Song To The Wine-Cellar
Wine-songs, feast music and dances from ancient Hungary (15–19th century)

Dames and Witches
On the goings-on of girls and women in ancient Hungary (17–19th century)

Wait me, my bird
Ancient Hungarian love and wedding songs (17th century)

This Child Is To Be Praised
Hungarian and Middle-European Christmas music (15–18th century)

Heyduck-Dance And Menuett * with the La Catena Renaissance Dance Group
Hungarian Dance History in a nutshell (15–18th century)

My Beautiful World, My Old Freedom
Remembrance of the Kuruts age in Middle-Europe (1660–1720)
[Kuruts: soldier who fought against Habsburg oppression at the turn of the 17th century]

Devr-i revan – Turning of Times * with the Canlar Ensemble
Turkish classical music (16–17th century)

Florilegium Musicum Gallo-Polonicum
French and Polish baroque music (17–18th cent.)

Protestant Sung Poetry * with Tamás Kobzos Kiss
Hungarian and Middle-European Protestant music (16–18th century)

Hear My Prayer, Oh Lord!
Hungarian psalms from the 15–17th century

Balli Amorosi * with La Catena Renaissance Dance Group
Renaissance dances from the 15–17th century

Renaissance dance house * with dance teachers
Teaching of French, English and Italian Renaissance dances

The Old Man with Zither
Selection of the favourite songs of János Arany

Daniel Speer: Musicalisch-Türckischer Eulen-Spiegel (1688)
Selections and Middle-European dances of a musical novel (prose version: Musical journey of Simplicissimus in Hungary)

Bucolica Hungarica * with András Szabó (reciter)
The Poems of Ferenc Faludi and rococo music from Hungary (1704–1780)

Oh, Freedom, Let Us Look Into Your Eye
Remembrance of the reform era and the war of independence (19th century)

* * *

Symphony Of The Hungarians – a series
First performed in the Hungarian National Museum (1997)

Saints And Minstrels * Music of the era of Árpád’s conquest of Hungary and the Árpád-dinasty (11-13th century)
Scribes And Knights * Music of the Anjou-era in Middle-Europe (1300–1387)
Vexilla regis prodeunt * Music of the era of King Sigismund from Luxembourg and János Hunyadi (1387–1456)
The Tree Covered With Fruit * Music of the court of King Matthias (1458–1490)
Thee, All Folks, Should Grieve * Music of the Jagellonian era (1490–1526)
Many A Fine Troops Will Go * Music of Hungary in the 16th century
Heyduck-Dance and Sarabande * Music of Hungary in the 17th century
The Black Of Her Eyebrow * Turkish Classical Music (15–17th century)
In the Grasp Of The Eagle * Music of the Kuruts era (1670–1711)
Hungarian Menuett * Music of Hungary between 1720–1820

The concert programs above can be adjusted as needed.
The Ensemble works with a flexible, varying number of members.